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Face Mask Application

The OxyGeneo® Facial Treatment at SkinCatering is a 4-in-1 Super Facial that uses revolutionary technology to exfoliate, oxygenate, and infuse the skin, leaving it looking firm, youthful, and glowing. The treatment is non-invasive and gives results that last.

This special technology uses CO2 bubbles in the exfoliation to bring oxygen-rich blood to the surface. This increases the metabolism of skin cells and promotes optimal absorption of nutrients including hyaluronic acid – a natural smoothing and plumping agent found in popular injectable fillers. This process gives your skin a plumper, more hydrated look, with improved texture. Our service is a luxurious, 75 minute appointment, personalised to give you results and includes a customised treatment for your neck and décolleté area.

“It capitalizes on a well-known effect called ‘Bohr effect,’ to trigger the body to oxygenate the skin naturally from within. The Bohr Effect is a natural process that takes place in our body from the moment we come to the world and until the moment we leave it. The OxyGeneo works with the body, never against it.”

This facial combines cleansing, radio frequency, exfoliation, oxygenation, infusion and antioxidant protection simultaneously, resulting in clearer, more beautiful skin with little-to-no downtime. As with most of our services, visible results from OxyGeneo® 4-in-1 Super Facial will vary from person to person. Taking before & after photos on your personal device are encouraged.

NeoBright option brightens with azelaic acid, kojic acid and retinol, while the NeoReviveoption repairs and regenerates with hyaluronic acid, peptides and retinol. Your aesthetician will select the proper treatment options that suit your skins needs and your desired results. Each step of this facial is personalized to your skin.

  • Immediate and significant results, visible after 1st treatment

  • Soothing and relaxing

  • Natural skin oxygenation from within by Bohr effect

  • Infusion of natural & powerful active ingredients to the skin

  • Long term skin texture and appearance improvement

  • Supported by real science and medical studies

  • Suitable for all skin types

  • Treatments for face & body

  • Never tested on animals

  • Vegan ingredients

  • No downtime

Benefits of the OxyGeneo 4-in-1 Super Facial

  • Plumps and hydrates dehydrated skin

  • Renews skin’s youthful glow

  • Revitalizes dull complexion

  • Reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Firms skin and tighten open pores

  • Boosts skin cell renewal

  • Improves skin texture

  • Reduces appearance of uneven pigmentation

  • Safe for all skin types**

**Although very rare, this does not rule out the possibility of skin irritation in hypersensitive individuals. Our aesthetician will take the time to discuss your goals and expectations for the treatment.

“Not only does the OxyGeneo super facial have an immediate beautifying effect, but it also improves the skin for the long term with improved micro-circulation that provides more oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells. This slows down the aging process and significantly contributes to the skin functionality that consequently improves its appearance.”


  • If you have an event, this facial gives you incredible results that last 5 to 14 days (depending on lifestyle & skin care at-home maintenance). We recommend this facial the day before or the day of the event. Wearing makeup after this facial is acceptable, and actually helps with the application process – Your makeup artist will thank you!

  • To achieve a more “permanent” result, we recommend doing an oxygeneo facial once a week for 4 to 5 weeks, followed by bi-monthly or quarterly maintenance sessions.


  • EXFOLIATION – unlike other Oxygen Facials, OxyGeneo has the added step of exfoliation that removes the top layer of dead skin for greater absorption.

  • NON-VACUUM HAND-PIECE – while many other Oxygen Facials involve a suction, which can irritate skin, OxyGeneo simply buffs over the skin surface. It is extremely gentle and can be used on sensitive skin and delicate areas such as around the eyes, mouth and nose.

  • UNIQUE OXYGENATION – the most important difference that sets OxyGeneo apart is in the skin’s oxygenation process. While standard Oxygen Facials uses a stream of pressurized oxygen in the treatment, which can be uncomfortable, OxyGeneo’s oxygenation effect takes place internally, beneath the skin’s surface. This is done with the release of carbon dioxide bubbles on the skin, which causes oxygen-enriched blood to rise to the surface of the skin.

Relaxing Facial

Please take note of these conditions that may affect your ability to receive this service or when you should plan to book your service. Ok to have the service but must wait according to the time frame presented:

  • In the last 2 weeks, I have used aesthetic fillers, Botox, injectables, collagen, fat injections or other injected bio-material and/or laser treatments in the area to be treated today (or it has been more than 2 weeks but healing has not yet completed)

  • I have had a face lift, eyelid surgery, skin resurfacing, deep chemical peeling, or deep dermabrasion in the treatment area within the last 3 months or I have not completed healing yet

  • I have used Accutane in the last 12 months

  • I have had waxing within 1 week on the area that is to be treated today that was not done by the aesthetician performing my Oxygeneo service

  • I have had Microblading/Shading sessions within the past 2 weeks

  • I have had a final touch-up for Microblading/Shading session within the past 6 weeks

  • I have had a surgical, invasive, or ablative procedure in the treatment area within three months prior to treatment or the area hasn’t completed healing yet

Ok to have the service with limitations

  • I have an Endocrine disorder such as (diabetes, thyroid, etc). *We will not do the ultrasound portion of facial over the neck area*

  • I am experiencing what is considered a normal pregnancy *Ok to have facial after 15th week*

May NOT have the Oxygeneo facial treatment as it could have a negative impact on your health. You may be able to consider a different facial service that is better suited for you at this time.

  • I have a pacemaker or internal defibrillator, implanted neurostimulators or other internal electric system

  • I currently have skin cancer or pre-malignant moles or I have had skin cancer before

  • I have one of the following active conditions in the treatment area: open sores, eczema, rash, fragile skin, swollen, burnt or injured skin, rosacea, dermatitis, psoriasis, active Herpes Simplex, or sunburn. *Once condition is resolved, speak to your esthetician about having the treatment

  • I have a high-risk pregnancy *with your doctor’s permission we may be able to perform this treatment, please expect to present a written notification

  • I have metal implants in the treatment area (not including dental implants and fillings)

  • I have a vascular disorder in the treatment area: telangiectasia, varicose veins, thrombosis, or phlebitis

  • I have an impaired immune system due to an immunosuppressive disease such as AIDS and HIV, an autoimmune disease such as lupus + scleroderma, or I use immunosuppressive medications

  • I have a bleeding disorder, coagulopathies, areas of thrombophlebitis, or use of anticoagulants

  • I have a history of skin disorders such as keloid scarring, abnormal wound healing, as well as very dry and fragile skin or having any medical condition that might impair skin healing

Other Things To Know:

  • You will likely see results immediately after treatment and your skin may feel smooth and hydrated for one to four weeks with appropriate home care to maintain treatment results. Client experiences may vary. Some clients may experience a delayed onset of these symptoms. 

  • Normal reactions that typically resolve within 72 hours depending on skin sensitivity are: temporary irritation, tightness, or redness

  • You may experience tingling in the treatment area. These sensations generally subside within a few hours.

  • After this service, the skin is more susceptible to sunburn/sun damage. Avoid excessive sun exposure and use sunscreen. 

  • Avoid the use of aggressive exfoliation, waxing, and products that are not part of the recommended at-home regimen in the treated areas for a minimum of 1 week post-treatment. 

  • You must be 14 years or older to receive these services. Those who are 17 years old and younger require the signed consent of a guardian and that guardian must stay on-site for the duration of the service.

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