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With our varied services, you can get rid of wrinkles, uneven skin tone, acne, scarring and pigmentation. We'll help you get to where you need to be with a combination of professional treatments and result-driven skin care to help you achieve your skin goals. With the proven anti-inflammatory ingredient and potent antioxidant, choose from a traditional facial or peel designed exclusively for men in Mumbai weather conditions.

The Ground Reality

While Bollywood superstars might be the modern man’s dream, it’s far from reality with the daily demands, hassles, frustrations and deadlines all playing havoc with a healthy lifestyle.

From 6am personal training sessions to 14-hour work days to long (liquid) lunches, slaughtering gym sessions and Friday night drinks until 3am, your body is more like a warehouse just holding itself together than a perfectly rendered temple.

There comes a time in every man’s life when lifestyle meets stark reality in the form of extra kilos, loss of muscle mass, exhaustion, poor sleep, lacklustre skin and the tell-tale signs of dark circles under fatigued eyes.

When you are plagued with exertion, it shows on your skin

Aesthetics are one thing but the skin, your largest organ and close personal friends with prime detoxification organ the liver, is a barometer of health.

It is often indicative of other life altering realities including obesity, colon and prostate cancer, chronic fatigue, diabetes, heart disease, sleep disorders and depression.

We've got a solution for you

The Facial Bar understands that looking and feeling great requires a two-fold battle plan that combats inner and outer stresses. Our professional team is happy to provide a specialised range of services, supplements, and equipment to help support your skin, body, wellbeing and lifestyle.

Together, we’ll bring you into a more balanced and healthy state, where you will be able to thrive and carry on at your peak performance — with all the energy you deserve — thanks to our menu of facials, advanced skin treatment or choose from specially tailored packages offering a holistic approach to grooming and relaxation to leave you feeling stress-free and looking happier, healthier and brighter.

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View our range of Men's Facials

A multi-dimensional and individually customised skin treatment, it offers a delivery of antioxidants and vitamins aiding in anti-ageing, clears blocked pores and helps to heal impaired barriers. Involving a step-by-step process of cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extractions, relaxing massage and mask this facial will have you feeling relaxed and boost your skin’s appearance and long-term health.
Helps to visibly refresh and revitalise, utilising diamond head microdermabrasion to remove the congested cells from the surface of the skin, making way for a fresh and smooth new skin to shine through. This is a more advanced technique of exfoliation to the skin.
A rigorous skin workout, using low frequency sound waves to momentarily create gaps between skin cells, allowing for greater penetration of nutrient-rich vitamins A and C, allowing them to be more active within the skin. It has been shown to increase transdermal penetration of various ingredients up to 1,000 times compared to other application methods. Using a range of applications your therapist is able to tailor your treatment to the needs of your skin, soften the appearance of fine lines and improve skin texture all without the downtime sometimes caused by stronger face treatments.
Using a range of high-powered lactic acids, it helps to greatly rehydrate the skin. The lactic triggers the skin to start producing its own natural hydration-hyaluronic acid. This treatment is great for treating fine lines and improving the texture of the skin.
This treatment uses the mechanical component diamond head exfoliation of a microdermabrasion to flush the skin with a liquid exfoliation, followed by vitamin infusion. To give the skin a complete workout the treatment is finished with a sonophoresis infusion of active ingredients tailored to your individual needs. This is the perfect treatment to bring your skin back to life with an instantaneous brightening of the complexion to resurface and refine the skin.
The Vita A Peel is a decongestive approach to resurfacing the skin’s texture. It accelerates the skin’s exfoliating abilities. It livens up skin that is lacklustre and dull in appearance and gets rid of acne and redness, giving long term visible results.
With a unique blend of 8 powerful skin brightening agents, this is the perfect treatment for darker skin types to diminish the appearance of hyperpigmentation, dark spots and blotchiness and to reveal a brighter complexion and an even skin tone.

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