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Man Getting a Facial

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Man Getting a Facial

Ultraceuticals Men’s Facial Therapy

A multi-dimensional and individually customized skin treatment which uses antioxidants and vitamins aiding in anti-ageing, clears blocked pores and helps to heal impaired barriers. This involves a step-by-step process of cleansing, followed by exfoliating, steaming, extracting, massaging, and masking. This facial will make you feel relaxed and boost your skin’s radiance which will last long.

This therapy helps to visibly refresh and revitalize the skin pores using the Diamond-head microdermabrasion treatment to remove the congested cells from the surface of the skin and making way for fresh and smooth new skin cells to shine through. This is an advanced technique of skin exfoliation. This is ideal for routine facials to keep the skin fresh and healthy.

Microdermabrasion: Skin Refreshing Men’s Facial

Neck and Shoulder Massage
Back Massage

Sound Therapy

Men’s facial

Sonophoresis is a rigorous skin workout, using low frequency sound waves to momentarily create gaps between skin cells, allowing for greater penetration of nutrient-rich vitamins A and C, allowing them to be more active within the skin. It has been shown to increase transdermal penetration of various ingredients up to 1,000 times compared to other application methods. Using a range of applications your therapist is able to tailor your treatment to the needs of your skin. It helps soften the appearance of fine lines and improve skin texture.

Using a range of high-powered lactic acids, the Ultra Lactic helps to greatly rehydrate the skin.


The lactic acid triggers the skin to start producing its own natural hydration-hyaluronic acid. This treatment is great for treating fine lines and improving the texture of the skin.

Lactic Rehydration Face Peel

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Spa Treatment

Micro-derma Vitamin

Infusion Face Peel

This treatment uses the diamond-head component of a microdermabrasion to flush the skin with a liquid exfoliation, followed by vitamin infusion. To give the skin a complete workout the treatment is finished with a sonophoresis infusion of active ingredients tailored to your individual needs. This is the perfect treatment to bring your skin back to life with an instantaneous brightening of the complexion to resurface and refine the skin.

This therapy rapidly exfoliates surface congestion and resurfaces skin's texture by accelerating the skin's natural exfoliating process. This not only brings life to dull skin but also helps to clear acne and facial redness. Results from this peel are significant and visible for the long term.

Vit-A Exfoliating Face Peel

Stone Mortar and Pestle
Natural Ingredient face Mask

Brightening Face Peel

With a unique blend of 8 powerful skin brightening agents, this is the perfect treatment for darker skin types to diminish the appearance of hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and blotchiness and to reveal a brighter complexion and an even skin tone.

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