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Why Men Need Regular Facials

Men, we get it. Facials have primarily been sidelined as a ‘women thing’, and for many years, men wouldn’t be caught dead within 50 feet of a skincare clinic. But times have changed, and more and more men are starting to realise that their skincare is just as important as women’s. In fact, there are a number of reasons why facials are specifically beneficial to men, and to get the full effect of these benefits, it’s important to be receiving facials regularly. Despite your reservations, rest assured that we treat a lot of men, and facials will improve the quality and condition of your skin while still retaining all your manliness, we promise. Here are our top reasons why men need regular facials...

Men produce more oil

A biological fact, men have higher testosterone levels than women, which explains why men tend to produce more oil. An issue when skin isn’t cleaned properly, oil will clog your pores and cause congestion which may lead to an increase in blackheads and pimples. We offer skin consultation to make sure we can specifically tailor your facial to your skin's needs.

Smoother shave

In most cases, the continuous dragging of a razor across facial skin causes irritation to a certain degree. Facials/Home care help to deep clean and soothe irritated skin, through using the highest quality cosmeceutical masks, moisturisers and serums. They also work to improve ingrown hairs as the inflammation in the follicles reduces. All of these steps will leave your skin feeling smoother than ever, and as all men know, the smoother the skin - the smoother the shave.

The extraction session

As we mentioned, men produce more oil in their skin which usually builds up in the pores along with dirt. This results in the appearance of blackheads, which many try to extract at home. Without professional training, many of us are attempting to remove these blackheads incorrectly, and causing more harm to our skin than good. During a facial, there is an specific extraction session in which your trained skincare consultant will extract these blackheads professionally, without causing any lasting damage to the skin.


Facials are a great way to focus on, well, absolutely nothing. They usually last for around an hour, during which time you can’t be on your phone, answering emails or crunching numbers. The benefit of switching off for an hour is that the facial allows you to fully relax and de-stress, a lack of which is usually the cause for a number of skin conditions such as premature ageing and the appearance of fine lines..

Reduce the signs of ageing

Yes, there is a reason why women tend to look younger than men as they age. It’s to do with the time they spend taking care of their skin, and it can make a big difference to men too. Facials stimulate the facial muscles, giving them a workout of their own, and the products applied to the skin are specifically targeted for creating a healthy glow, all of which will help you to look younger and sharper.

Moisturizing is essential

The dermis is made up of 70% water and the epidermis, 15%. In order to keep the skin well moisturized, it is important to choose daily moisturizing skin care products that balance the level of water within the skin. You may also use a moisturizing mask regularly, removing the excess with a spring water spray

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